CID Talk: 'Sustainable energy in schools – an aid story from Tonga’

26 February 12:00am - 12:00am
Wellington, Level 12, 49 Boulcott Street

Presenter: Kate Mang, Ph.D. student with the MacMillan Brown Center for Pacific Studies at the University of Canterbury.

Topic: ‘Sustainable energy in schools – an aid story from Tonga’

Kate is interested in the research of improvement of children's capabilities through the vehicle of foreign aid. With a major in Science of Education and minors in Cultural Studies and Psychology with the Ludwig-Maximillians-University in Munich, Germany, her interest has always been with people, culture and development of children and youth.

Kate’s Ph.D. research utilises a foreign aid pilot project in Tonga that provided and installed photovoltaic energy systems in five Tongan high schools. Due to high power costs in Tonga the donor's expectation were that implementation of photovoltaic energy systems would free up monetary resources for the schools which could be utilised in areas of need. Kate will present the ‘bottom up’ view of the project from the children and teachers' perspective, a year and a half down the track.