GDN Next Horizons Essay Contest 2014

15 July 12:00am - 15 September 12:00am


How would you reinvent foreign aid?



GDN Next Horizons Essay Contest 2014

in partnership with the

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation


The Future of Development Assistance





The world has changed radically since the emergence of official development assistance and since the aid agency was invented. How should aid change? Aid is by no means the only source of financing for development in today’s world. Yet for the poorest countries, aid is a vital source of government finance. Aid helps fund critical social services and may catalyze other sources of development funding, such as private investment. In the lead up to 2015, when many significant financing commitments for development will be made, there is a need to be smart about where and how aid is deployed, based on an understanding of how aid can be most valuable in a given country.


In order to help bring attention to the need for scholarship and fresh ideas in this area, and to encourage broad participation, the Global Development Network (GDN) in partnership with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation announces an international essay contest. The contest invites essays on the future of development assistance. The primary objective of the contest is to invite fresh thinking related to the future of aid that can inform the ongoing discourse on development assistance and to make this thinking available to policymakers and key stakeholders.


Up to 20 winning entries will be chosen, and receive $20,000 each. An independent panel will make the final selectionsof the best and most potentially consequential submissions, based on criteria defined. Select winning ideas may be promoted by GDN and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.


The competition is open in three languages. Guidelines are currently posted in English. The French and Spanish versions of the guidelines will be available as of 17 July, 2014.


Essays in English, French and Spanish can be submitted as of now on this platform. However, dedicated platforms for submissions in French and Spanish will also be available as of 17 July, 2014. The closing date for submisison is 15 September, 2014 (14:00 hrs GMT).


Click here for themes, eligibility criteria and sumbission and application information.