Pro-independence Movements and Migration: Discourse, Policy and Practice

24 October 12:00am - 12:00am
European Academy Bolzano/ Bozen

Migration is becoming an increasingly important reality for many sub-state autonomous territories in the Western world, such as Catalonia, South Tyrol, Scotland, Basque Country, and Quebec. The presence of individuals and groups with migration background raises particular challenges to the pro-independence movements active in these territories. Traditional discourses and established policies on membership, identity, and belonging are challenged and may need to be reframed. Migration has thus the potential to challenge significantly the self-definition and self-representation of pro-independence movements, and to alter the relationship between sub-state units and the central state.

Against the backdrop of the referenda on independence in Scotland and Catalonia in 2014, this workshop seeks to explore the impacts of migration on the visions, positions, programmes and actions of pro-independence movements, and their relationship to immigration/diversity management more broadly. We invite contributions from all disciplines, which consider political, legal, social, cultural and/or economic aspects of this topic from theoretical and empirical angles.


Some of the questions that will be considered during the workshop include:

What role does migration play in the politics of pro-independence movements?

How do pro-independence movements co-opt, integrate or exclude individuals or groups with migration background in their negotiations with the central state?

How do people with migration background undermine or support the aims of pro-independence movements?


Where: European Academy Bolzano/ Bozen - Institute for Minority Rights (South Tyrol, Italy)

When: 24th October 2014


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