Sustainable Development - UN SIDS Conference Forum Series

20 August 12:00pm - 1:00pm
St Andrews on the Terrace, Conference Room, 30 The Terrace

This, the fourth in this series hosted by the Wellington branch of UNANZ, is presented by:

Stephen Rupp.  A Physicist who has worked in Germany as a Senior Expert for Q-Cells SE contributing to the development of high efficiency, commercial, crystalline Silicon solar cells and modules. He is a certified photovoltaic systems planner with an emphasis on off-grid systems using latest state-of-the-art battery technology. Stephan, a former Chair of UNA Wellington and a current committee member has an interest in making the electricity supply in the Pacific more sustainable.

Professor Ralph Sims. A professor of Sustainable Energy and director at the Centre for Energy Research. He recently spent four years as a senior analyst at the International Energy Agency in Paris. He has been appointed to the Scientific and Technical Advisory Panel of the Global Environment Facility (GEF). Ralph is a Companion of the Royal Society of New Zealand, Fellow of the Institute of Professional Engineers and of the UK Institute of Agricultural Engineers, and received the 2010 Outstanding Achievement Award from EECA.


Soup and pizzas will be served from 12 noon for a gold coin koha.

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These seminars are in preparation for the upcoming UN Summit on Small Island Developing States (SIDs) being held in Apia, Samoa 1- 4 September. They will be in the form of a roundtable discussion covering the agenda of the summit. Each week will be facilitated by a highly qualified person with expertise in the area under discussion. Some of the facilitators, and the NGOs they represent, will be attending the Summit.