UNA NZ Conference 2018

18 May 9:30am - 19 May 6:00pm
Victoria University Wellington

The 2018 UNA NZ Conference theme is Global Summitry. The theme provides a new perspective and approach to United Nations matters.

Here is a statement (thank you to Graham Hassell) about Global Summitry to help you appreciate our choice of theme:

Global Summitry
The world's nations have participated in major summits at important points throughout history - whether to discuss war and peace or various aspects of international cooperation and development. In the twentieth and twenty-first centuries such summits have become increasingly global in scope, and the United Nations Organization has played a leading role in cultivating the "global summitry" that has shaped our collective values about everything from sustainable development, the status of women, and human rights, to population growth, urbanization, the internet, and climate change. Global Summits have become the hub of global discussion for not only governments, but for civil society, business, academia, and the media. Protocols have emerged that guide pre-summit, mid-summit, and post-summit decision-making, implementation and verification processes. But given the ever-expanding list of global policy problems and the failure of the world's nations to make genuine progress with some of the most problematic of them, is the current pattern of Global Summitry sufficient? Is the accountability of global policy networks and global commitments sufficiently strong? Does effective 21st century global governance require more? The UNA NZ 2018 National Conference will hear from a range of speakers familiar with Global Summits on their experiences to date and on their perspectives on potential improvements for future practices.


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