Akolade 2nd Annual National Not-For-Profit Income Generation Forum

7 March 8:00am - 9 March 5:00pm

The underlying challenge for any NFP is the need to ensure they have sufficient cash flow to support their course and their operations while contributing to overall goals. As the Australian Not-for-Profit climate becomes increasingly competitive with more NFPs competing for a decreasing amount of funding and money generated sparser, it is vital for organisations who wish to remain financially sustainable and profitable to modernise their income generation and move away from traditional income generation models.

So how can Australian NFPs develop a commercially astute mindset that improves cash flow through modern income generation strategies?

Akolade’s 2ndAnnual National Not-for-Profit Income Generation Forum provides delegates with practical strategies to move away from the orthodox method of income generation model that is becoming undependable. The forum focuses on effective tools to plan, develop and execute cutting-edge income revenue strategies that are tailored made to improve the organisations cash flow. Delegates will also come away with a better understanding of how to better manage and govern their crucial funds for long term sustainability and profitability.

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