The Anthropocene: Challenges and an agenda for the Human Age - A public lecture by Professor Will Steffen

26 October 6:00pm - 7:00pm
Victoria University of Wellington The Council Chamber, Level 2, Hunter Building Gate 2, Kelburn Parade Wellington 6012

In 2000, a new epoch in the history of Earth was proposed – the Anthropocene. Arising from the Earth System science community, the concept of the Anthropocene – the new human age in Earth history – has triggered a wide-ranging discourse about the fundamental relationship between humans and our planet. Ultimately, debates over the Anthropocene come down to a basic question: Where on Earth are we going?

In this lecture, leading climate change scientist Professor Will Steffen will explore the origins of the Anthropocene, its scientific underpinnings and the challenges that this new geological epoch poses for contemporary human societies. The current debate over climate change will be placed in a broader, longer-term Earth System context, and the Sustainable Development Goals will be explored as a global Agenda for 2030.


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