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Organisations involved in international aid and development can apply to join CID as a member.

By joining CID you will be connected to a strong community of Aotearoa New Zealand international development NGOs.

CID supports its members with the aim of increasing the effectiveness of development practice and humanitarian assistance through research, advocacy and shared learning. See more here on our Code of Conduct



Our members receive a fortnightly e-newsletter packed with relevant information on events, jobs,  news and the latest reports and trends on development effectiveness. Factsheets, discussion documents and other research is shared with the membership meaning your staff will be up-to-date on the latest in policy and practice. 

Engage & Influence

By becoming a CID member you will be able to contribute and influence changes in the sector and be partof the dialogue with the government over issues affecting international aid. Your membership will also strengthen CID’s role as a respected and influential voice for the development community in Aotearoa New Zealand.


Please refer to Section 6 of the CID Constitution for the full criteria for membership.

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Are you an individual interested in global equality and poverty eradication?

Join our vibrant community of leading New Zealand-based international aid and development agencies all working for a sustainable world free of poverty. As a CID Supporter you will receive the fortnightly CID e-newsletter that will keep you informed about news from the global development community, plus New Zealand sector vacancies and upcoming local and national events.

CID works to promote its members’ interests and act as an informed, visible and influential voice for sustainable development. Join today and become part of the CID community that is working to make Aotearoa New Zealand a leader in achieving a sustainable world free from injustice and poverty.

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CID members' picnic, Christmas 2012