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Election 2014

The Council for International Development posed five questions to all the political parties (as of June) who have registered for the upcoming election. The questions concern party policy on aid and development, and the individual party's willingness to engage with the development sector. 



Thanks to TEAR Fund, for putting together some infographs on the responses we received from the parties. Scroll down for more on the questions on development and ODA policies for the upcoming election.




We have collated the responses from the parties into a 'Prezi' below. We have summarised each response and included the full answers within each party's logo. After clicking 'Start Prezi', simply click the arrows in the black bar at the bottom to navigate through each question and the responses. To jump between questions and parties, use the blue navigation line just above the arrows.

If you would like to see the responses in document form, click here.




Questions posed to the political parties:

1. Does your party commit to the long-standing international obligation of working towards the UN goal of allocating 0.7% of GNI to ODA? (This has been supported by several previous New Zealand governments.)

• Would your party support an NGO proposal, made in 2012, asking the incoming government to develop a timetable to increase the percentage of GNI allocated to ODA to 0.6% within the next six years?


2. What do you see as the most pressing issues for New Zealand to focus its attention and money on for sustainable development?

• How would you address these issues?

• Where are your party’s priorities for ODA?


3. In September, the UN General Assembly will be discussing draft universal sustainable development goals (SDGs) to take effect with the ending of the MDGs in 2015 (the post-2015 agenda). This raises three questions:

• How committed is your party to positively engage with that process?

• What particular goals do you think New Zealand should be promoting?

• What steps would your party take to effectively engage New Zealand’s civil society in the development of national targets once the goals have been agreed?


4. What steps would your party take to strengthen and deepen relations between the New Zealand development NGOs and government agencies, especially MFAT?

• Are you in favour of restoring a strategic partnership agreement between the New Zealand development NGOs and MFAT?

• How else would you encourage further investment and cooperation with NGOs working towards New Zealand’s development priorities?


5. Is your party in favour of a political dialogue that has the objective of developing a cross-party approach to agreeing to goals for aid levels and setting aid and development priorities for New Zealand?


Oxfam has also been working on getting ODA into the headlines and on the election agenda. This will make a big difference for vulnerable people in developing countries. You can help by publicising this presentation, by asking questions candidates about overseas aid, or by going along to the Oxfam election debate about Foreign Affairs on Tuesday August 19.


WWF-NZ have welcomed the Labour Party's Environment Policy statement, calling it a major step in the right direction. To read WWF's full statement click here.