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The relationship between depression and poverty

Posted by CID sourced from Foreign Affairs on 28 April 2015

Mental health disorders such as depression are pervasive in developing countries, but are vastly under-treated. This article explores the issue of depression in the developing world and calls on both community-based organisations and formalised health-care systems to prioritise mental health care for those in need.

Death, taxes, and tobacco

Posted by CID sourced from Dev Policy Blog on 28 April 2015

Tobacco control is essential. Tobacco causes or accelerates the incidence of all major non-communicable diseases, it has no health benefits, and it imposes large costs on health systems and households worldwide. This Dev Policy Blog post outlines what must be done to turn the tide against tobacco addiction, and explains why this is particularly urgent in developing countries.

Call for moratorium on sending asylum seekers offshore

Posted by CID sourced from ACFID on 28 April 2015

CID's sister organisation The Australian Council for International Development has released a joint statement by Australian organisations and community groups calling for a moratorium on the transfer of asylum seekers to Nauru and Manus Island.

Unlocking resources for a world free from extreme poverty

Posted by CID sourced from Save the Children on 28 April 2015

With two crucial UN summits coming up - the Post-2015 Intergovernmental Negotiations and the Third International Conference on Financing for Development - Save the Children is calling for ambitious and accountable commitments by all governments towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

Time to talk climate at the UNSC

Posted by CID sourced from 350 Aotearoa on 28 April 2015

In July, New Zealand will become chair of the UN Security Council. 350 Aotearoa has put together a petition and is calling on Prime Minister John Key and Minister Murray McCully to put climate change on the agenda.

Is it make-or-break time for gender equality?

Posted by CID sourced from Eldis on 28 April 2015

The Commission on the Status of Women is over for another year and feminists are demanding stronger political commitment. Over 8,000 people attended CSW59 and the hundreds of side events which took place around the United Nations headquarters. But many civil society representatives felt short changed, and shut out of the decision making process.

Join the dots between Gallipoli and the Armenian genocide

Posted by CID sourced from The Conversation on 24 April 2015

As this week ushers in centenary commemorations of the Allies' failed invasion of Gallipoli, Hans-Lukas Kieser reminds us that another horrific event took place at that time which too should be remembered: the massacre of Armenians living in the Ottoman Empire.

2015 World Development Indicators highlight 25 years of progress

Posted by CID sourced from DevPolicy Blog on 24 April 2015

The World Bank's latest edition of the World Development Indicators gives us an overview of the achievements made in global development over the past 25 years, and show that there is still a lot more work to be done.

Blog: The ‘Asia-Pacific’ concept is ridiculous

Posted by CID sourced from Aid Leap on 24 April 2015

In this blog post, Denika Blacklock Karim argues that the concept of "Asia-Pacific" skews data and distracts policy makers from the unique challenges faced by Pacific Island communities.

The data revolution: finding the missing millions

Posted by CID sourced from ODI on 24 April 2015

A new report by ODI suggests that as many as 350 million people are not included in current statistics measuring extreme poverty worldwide. In order for the international community to able to support the most vulnerable people around the world, this report argues, there will need to be an overhaul of current methods of gathering statistics.

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