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Opinion: Development is complex but needs simple soutions

Posted by CID sourced from SciDevNet on 12 February 2015

Writer Christopher Charles explores the common mistakes and complexities of development work, and explains why we need a simpler approaches to truly help people in need.

Action/2015 calls for the New Zealand Government to support robust UN Sustainable Development Goals

Posted by CID on 11 February 2015

The action/2015 movement in New Zealand is urging the government to use its weight to support action on poverty, inequality and climate change at crucial negotiations next week in New York (17-20 February 2015). CID is one of thousands of action/2015 members worldwide.

Helen Clark: Delivering the 2015 ambition

Posted by CID sourced from ODI on 10 February 2015

Helen Clark, Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) shares her views on what success in 2015 – and beyond – will look like.

Germany should seize the moment – and reach 0.7

Posted by CID sourced from Bond on 10 February 2015

Watch Bond (CID's counterpart in the UK) Chief Executive Ben Jackson deliver a video message to leaders and experts from around the world gathered to discuss the G7's role in international development under the 2015 German presidency.

Pacific Islands call for new thinking to implement SDGs

Posted by CID sourced from IPS on 10 February 2015

Key development organisations in the region believe the new Post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) proposed by the United Nations are more on target to address the unique development challenges faced by small island developing states. But they emphasise that turning the objectives into reality demands the participation of developed countries and a focus on getting implementation right.

Why faith leaders should pledge to think globally in 2015

Posted by CID sourced from One on 10 February 2015

Author and preacher Zach J. Hoag argues that it is time Christians and churches everywhere dedicate their hearts and minds to work for global equality and social justice. He says 2015 is the year to make voices heard.

UNICEF briefs incoming MPs

Posted by CID sourced from UNICEF on 9 February 2015

UNICEF has provided a briefing for incoming MPs which includes 15 recommendations for children. It has a snapshot of global progress for children which acknowledges progress in some areas but points out that progress has been inequitable. Despite falling globally, extreme poverty in the world’s poorest countries has risen by 33% in the period 1981-2010.

Can rich countries be reliable partners for national development?

Posted by CID sourced from Center for Global Development on 6 February 2015

How did we get to the impasse in which rich country mainstream development agencies have become increasingly irrelevant to the developing world asks international development expert and former World Bank employee Lant Pritchett in this thought-provoking essay.

India's rural employment programme is dying a death of funding cuts

Posted by CID sourced from the Guardian on 6 February 2015

After a decade of success, India's landmark rural employment scheme is being starved of money by a central government seemingly intent on reining in rural wage growth

Community is the Answer: What’s the Question?

Posted by CID sourced from Community Scoop on 6 February 2015

Tara D'Souza uses her international development experience to look at a critical line of questioning: what is the place of community in New Zealand, and what part does community development play in the New Zealand NGO sector?

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