Climate Change Talk: A point of vanishing stability

30 May 5:30pm - 7:30pm
Te Papa Wellington

As New Zealand navigates future horizons, we are gazing at a point of vanishing stability – a point where the boat sea-ses to stay afloat.

But, with the consensus of industry, government and citizens (…and a good pair of sea legs) we have the opportunity to drive change and oversee the global transition into a low-emissions economy. What we need now is a strategy. #climatestrategyNZ

The Institute invites you to join us and eight speakers from a diverse range of backgrounds. The speakers will be discussing a number of topics around climate change risks and opportunities, as well as answering live feed questions from the audience. Our intention is to see what a national climate strategy might look like. We want to enable a safe space for open discussion and collaborative experience between industry, government, citizens, and most importantly, YOUth.

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