About CID



The Council for International Development (CID) is the national umbrella agency of international development organisations based in Aotearoa New Zealand.


CID was formed in 1985 by a small group of development NGOs and aid agencies to coordinate some activities and present a single voice on issues of common concern.


Today CID represents over 40 members, from small community-based organisations to large international NGOs. CID is governed by a board made up of member organisations. 


CID exists to support effective aid and development programmes with the vision of achieving a sustainable world free from poverty and injustice.


Engage, strengthen, support and promote our members and partners to increase development impact, and demonstrate their value to international development



CID BOARD 2018 -19  

CIDBoard2018 2849(L-R) - Josie Pagani, Murray Sheard, Steve Hamlin, Andrew Johnston, Shona Jennings, Jackie Edmond, Denison Grellmann, Rachael LeMesurier, Ian McInnes



Ian McInnes (Tearfund NZ)


Deputy Chairperson:

Jackie Edmond (Family Planning New Zealand)


Board members & organisations:

Denison Grellmann (ADRA New Zealand),

Steve Hamlin (Christian World Service CWS), Shona Jennings (ChildFund NZ), 

Rachael Le Mesurier (Oxfam New Zealand), 

Jackie Edmond (Family Planning), 

Andrew Johnston (Save the Children NZ) 

NGO Disaster Relief Forum (NDRF) Chair

Mark Mitchell, World Vision New Zealand

NDRF Deputy Chair

Linabel Hadlee, cbm New Zealand

Code of Conduct Committee Chair

Peter Adams



Josie Pagani, Director

Communications consultant and political commentator Josie Pagani took over the Director role at CID in June 2016. She has a high-level understanding and experience in the aid and development sector. Her career includes working as the communications manager for NZAID, and also for OECD DAC in Paris. Since returning to Wellington from Paris in 2007 Josie has managed a public affairs consultancy with a number of clients both in New Zealand and abroad. 

Gaia Maridati

Gaia has degrees in International Relations and Diplomatic Affairs from the University of Bologna. Her Master’s thesis focused on ‘The relationships between Brazil and Southern African countries after the end of the Cold War: case studies of Brazil-Mozambique, and Brazil-South Africa’. Gaia has work and volunteering experience in the NGO sector in Italy and Spain, working in charities and youth organisations. She moved to New Zealand in late 2015 and initially worked in different sectors; among them for the tertiary education sector, at Massey University.


In the last two years, Gaia worked at Volunteer Service Abroad (VSA) in different capacities. Her most recent role at VSA was as a Programme Officer in the International Programme Unit, supporting the Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, and Polynesia & Kiribati VSA programmes. She speaks five languages and she’s currently doing distance learning on Capacity Development.

Jacqueline Parisi 

Dr Jacqueline Parisi is Director of Rakata International and The Impact Effect, which facilitates social change in the Pacific and SE Asia. Strengthening NGOs and building social enterprises, current projects include social enterprises for people affected by leprosy and for survivors of sex-trafficking, and strengthening NGOs focusing on anti-corruption, human-rights and governance reform.


Jacqueline holds an MBA and a doctorate titled ‘Capacity building in non-profit organisations in the development aid sector: Explanatory research of capacity building in Indonesia in 2008 and an investigation into the diffusion of capacity building techniques between sectors’.


Jacqueline has held executive leadership roles in the private, public and development aid sectors, and in international consulting firms. She has worked in Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, New Zealand, Thailand, UK and Vietnam; has held several Board positions for non-profit organisations; and supervises research candidates engaged in doctoral-level academic research.

Aaron Davy

Aaron has many years of experience in the development and aid/humanitarian sector, with a background in policy and operations, personnel and organisational compliance and human resources.


He has previously managed the International Aid Worker Programme for New Zealand Red Cross for the last 7.5 years, supporting development programming and emergency responses throughout the Pacific and further afield. He has supported operations in West Africa (during the Ebola crisis), and conflict-based situations such as Eastern Ukraine and South Sudan. Most recently Aaron was based in Samoa where he undertook organisational development and surge support for human resources with the Samoa Red Cross Society. Prior to his work with the Red Cross, Aaron worked for MFAT and the New Zealand Aid Programme. Aaron has a BA in Social Anthropology and Human Geography (University of Auckland), holds an MA in Development Studies (Massey University) and a PG Diploma in HR Management (Victoria University). 

Glen Williams, Accountant

Glen has been with CID since August 2010. If it's to do with the finance then Glen is the one to contact. A fully qualified CA member of the NZ Institute of Chartered Accountants, Glen balances his 10 hours a week with CID, with 10 hours a week at the Anglican Missions Board and as a part-time licensed volunteer Youth and Families Pastor at the Whitby Anglican Church, where his wife Sandy is the Priest. Glen has two grown-up daughters, both working in education - one as a high school teacher and one in early childhood. Glen's passion is working with young people, something he has done for over 25 years and something which may explain his sense of humour. No that's wrong. Nothing can explain Glen's sense of humour!