Our SDGs websiteDevelopment Perspectives has launched an ongoing challenge to support the global movement towards the Sustainable Development Goals. Each month will be focused on one of the 17 goals. Everyone can get involved with a simple action (no matter how small) that contributes to eradicating poverty and hunger in your area. The idea is to share all the positive actions on a central forum so it is easy to see how, as an individual, you can contribute to the collective effect. Actions can be recorded by photographs, videos, blogs, interviews, news articles, emails and other creative means.

To find out more about the initiative, and to take part in the challenge visit the #SDGchallenge website.







SDG WheelCID's sister organisation, the Australian Council for International Development (AFCID), has a free and comprehensive online course on Implementing the Sustainable Development Goals through applying systems thinking and collaborative responses. The course is delivered across 10 video modules with short complementary exercises designed to enhance your understanding of the SDGs in the context of achieving transformational change in the face of complex problems and across multiple goals.


To find out more about the course, and to enroll, click here.