CID Annual Conference

2018 CID Annual Conference

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2017 CID Annual Conference

What does the future NGO look like?

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Emele DuituturagaCEO of PIANGO (Pacific Islands Association of NGOs)







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Keynote speaker Paul Ronalds, CEO of Save the Children Australia

The end of the golden age for international NGOs?

Speech transcript









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Creative disruption and how to make it work

Message from Rod Drury, CEO of Xero







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Expert panel discussion: How to disrupt a sector - and for the right reasons

Hosted by Pattrick Smellie

Panel: Chris Clarke, former CEO of World Vision

John McLeodSenior Consultant, JBWere Philanthropic Services

Paul Ronalds

Vivien MaidabornCEO UNICEF New Zealand

Maria Robertson – Deputy Chief Executive, Department of Internal Affairs

Dr Jacqueline Parisi – Creator of ‘Impact Effect’ and Director, International Development, VSA 



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Workshop: the Evolving model of the NGO

Localisation, private sector actors, and changes in donor behaviour

Chris Clarke






Plus sessions on advocacy and development policy in 2017

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Including presentations from: 

Paula Feehan (Oxfam), Carsten Bockemuehl (World Vision), and Shona Jennings (ChildFund NZ).

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 John Page of SportsNZ speaking on governance in the NGO Sector

Click to see:

• Governance material

• Online Governance 101 course on the Sports NZ ‘Sporttutor' platform

• Summary document outlining all Sports NZ resources and tools on governance



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As well as Jo Spratt, 







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Angela Wilton,









CIDconference2017 119Jacqueline Parisi, and 








John Leeves of Tonkin and Taylor. 




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Photos courtesy of Janie Walker

2017 Annual Conference

Key documents

Annual report 2016-2017


Code of Conduct Compliance Report

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