CID Conference 2018

2018 CID Annual Conference

Press Release: Unplug, wait 5 minutes and start again! The Pacific Reset challenge

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Josh Thomson, MC, comedian and actor (7 Days: Live, The Project and Gary of the Pacific)







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Fonoti Family-Tofa Mamoa Culture group 




Hon. Winston Peters: Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trae

What does the Pacific Reset mean for New Zealand's international NGOs? 

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Honourable Mark Brown: Cook Islands, Deputy Prime Minister

A Pacific perspective on the Reset







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Question time 

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Pacific Diaspora Leaders define the reset

If Europe can do it, why not a Pacific union?

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Workshop: Alternative approaches to development (Oxfam)

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Workshop: Setting the framework for the Code review 2019 (CID)

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Workshop: Gender Interactive Workshop (Family Planning)

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Photos courtesy of Janie Walker