Cambodia Charitable Trust

“In a small Southeast Asian nation, nine young women with previously grim prospects have started tertiary education in the past 12 months because of Denise Arnold. Next year, another 50 or 60 will enrol.”

densie cct

Denise Arnold founded the Cambodia Charitable Trust in 2008 to target sex trafficking in the region by enhancing access to education – for girls especially. The CCT works using a localised approach in partnership with longstanding Cambodian networks to improve and equalise education in the region. CCT’s impact includes providing teaching resources, building safe and dignified toilet blocks, constructing playgrounds, and connecting running water to keep young brains hydrated and active. CCT also collaborate with the local education ministry to train teachers, and Denise makes it a priority to include health programmes in schools and is always working to find sponsors to help keep students clothed and in class.

More recently, the Cambodia Charitable Trust have showcased some serious innovation in their involvement with Bestow Sisterhood, a New Zealand company specialising in natural health and beauty. Bestow sponsors 6 girls through the CCT, and donate to the trust all profits from sales of their ‘Generositea’, a delicious organic blend lemongrass, peppermint, hibiscus, cinnamon and cardamom.

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