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CID Members Advocacy Snapshot Sept - Dec 2020

Posted on 09 March 2021

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The September – December 2020 period saw a number of new and continued advocacy activities in the sector, including a growing shift towards more collaborative activities, and…
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Discussion Paper: Digital Access Across Cultures

Posted on 01 February 2021

How Digital Connectivity in the Pacific can be Implemented Through a ‘Pacific Lens’ (A Priority Post Covid-19)Access here                           …
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Health of the Sector Report

Posted on 08 September 2020

By Craig Fisher and Darren Ward

COVID-19 has presented a significant health and economic challenge to International Non-Government Organisations (INGOs) operating out of Aotearoa New Zealand. It has also considerably turned…
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End of 2019/20 South Pacific Cyclone Season Report

Posted on 18 August 2020

By Aaron Davy

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Purpose of this ReportThe localised response experienced in Vanuatu during the 2019/ 2020 cyclone season is not a unique case. International humanitarian responses to…
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Localisation Baseline Report

Posted on 10 August 2020

Author: Dr Jacqueline Parisi

Localisation Baseline Report (PDF)

Appendix 1 to Localisation Report (PDF)

Appendix 2 to Localisation Report (PDF)

Purpose of report

The purpose of this report is to document the outcomes of the Council…
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CID Members Advocacy Snapshot: January-April 2020

Posted on 12 May 2020

The January – April 2020 period saw a drastic shift in focus of the advocacy activities of CID members from previous periods, due to the current climate and recent events.…
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CID Members Advocacy Snapshot: September-December 2019

Posted on 17 December 2019

The September-December 2019 period saw CID Members engaged in numerous advocacy activities. This report compiles these activities, focusing on their thematic distribution.

Climate Change and Environmental Issues were most prominent, making…
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2019 Review of the CID Code of Conduct

Posted on 17 December 2019

It was agreed that the CID Code would be reviewed more substantively after it had been further rolled-out across the full membership of CID. Almost 100% of the membership had…
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Discussion Paper - Investment Impact: an idea whose time has come

Posted on 02 December 2019

• For all the time, talent and treasure that NGOs apply to the pressing social and environmental issues of our time, what is really holding us back from lasting impact?”

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Helping the Humanitarian and Private Sectors Understand Each Other

Posted on 01 November 2019

SDG 17: “Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize
the global partnership for sustainable development”The SDGs require partnerships between governments, the private sector and civil society for effective sustainable development. These…
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