Fairtrade: PNG Gender School of Leadership Training Module Consultant

Posted on 27 July 2020


The consultant will fully adapt 10 trainers’ modules for the Gender School of Leadership for Papua New Guinea, written in English. In particular, the modules should be adapted specifically to the gender issues in coffee-farming communities in PNG. Fairtrade ANZ intends to commission another piece of work where these modules will be translated into Tok Pisin - applicants are welcome to express any interest in this additional piece of work in their application. 

Refer to the job description for further information.

Scope of the Role

The consultant will be responsible for the adaptation of modules which will be delivered under the Gender School of Leadership. Remotely reporting to Fairtrade ANZ’s Gender Advisor, the consultant will adapt modules developed by the Fairtrade system in other producing regions to a PNG context.

The objective of the Gender School of Leadership is to reinforce the empowerment and leadership of women through training and mentoring, access to information and expertise, so they can take leadership roles within cooperatives and lead activities within their communities. In the long run, it contributes to improve social norms and their living conditions.

The School comprises of training courses allowing women to access global knowledge on their rights and improve their competencies in leadership and in the implementation of human rights provisions on genderissues in their own environment (speaking, collective works, budget management, income diversification
etc.). The focus is on "building-up" the woman through the discovery of her potential, leading her to take initiative. Women trained in the School become ambassadors promoting gender equality in their community, and some of them become trainers (mentors) of the School themselves for the next students’ year. Moreover, men’s participation to the School is strongly fostered in order to raise their awareness on the issue and to support gender equality within their communities.

How To Apply

Expressions of interest should be sent to Fairtrade ANZ Gender Advisor and Producer Support Officer – Madison Stroomer by 10 August 2020 with the following information:

  • CV,
  • Cover letter,
  • An initial proposal indicating the approach to adapting the 10 training modules – about 500 words,
  • Fairtrade ANZ intends to commission another piece of work where these modules will be translated into Tok Pisin - please express if you have any interest in this piece of work following this project in your application.

As noted above, shortlisted candidates will be expected to talk through their proposal and expand on their ideas for the project at length in the interview.

Job Description