CID Talk: Developing Resilience

10 July 12:30pm - 1:30pm
CID Office, Level 4, 26 Brandon Street, Wellington

To be resilient, individuals, teams and organisations need to develop the ability to live in the moment while being comfortable with uncertainty. It is about being agile.

There is little doubt that we live in a changing world. A world where globally 28 million people are displaced by disasters every year, and one where, between 2006 – 2015, disasters affected 1.9 billion people and cost an estimated US$1.4 trillion.

In developing countries, where communities often struggle during good times, the impact of disasters is even greater.  Often, they have no option but to find a way through, as they have no safety net.

Also, first responders and development practitioners are often the first to see the stresses facing these communities. For some individuals, this may be the first time that they find themselves in uncertain, dynamic, potentially unsafe or insecure, and stressful environments.

Some struggle, while others appear more in control and able to deal with the twists and turns and uncertainty. 

So, what makes some individuals, teams, organisations, and communities resilient, and why do others struggle? 

John Dyer has over 30 years’ experience leading and developing people. He uses first-hand experiences from recent natural disasters and examples from history to identify some of the key elements that enhance resilience and assist individuals, teams and organisations to cope with changing and challenging environments.