CIDX Talk: Applying Adaptive Management to your work

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Following the ‘masterclasses’, come and hear a keynote talk from a global leader on Adaptive Management, Leni Wild.

COVID-19 has forced adaptive processes on some and accelerated it for others. Devolution to local community organisations has become a necessity because of closed borders. Aid charities, partners in developing countries and donors have found that being agile, adapting programmes to the new context is not so hard after all.
Now we need to embed this new way of working. How do we make this ‘Business as Usual’, and what have we learnt about ‘Doing Development Differently’ during the pandemic?

Leni Wild is the former co-director of the Global Learning on Adaptive Management initiative, co-funded by USAID and DFID, and an experienced research fellow in the Politics and Governance Programme at the  Overseas Development Institute (ODI) in the UK.
She is a recognised expert in the politics of service delivery, and how to identify and address governance constraints to delivery. She has a particular interest in accountability in the health and water sectors and frequently provides policy advice to a range of bilateral and multilateral agencies, including DFID and the World Bank, as well as a number of large INGOs. She has worked in post-conflict areas like Uganda, Sierra Leone and Gaza, as well as participating in fieldwork in Malawi, Tanzania, and South Sudan.