ICVA: Gender-based Violence (GBV) Orientation (2nd session)

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Risk Mitigation (GBV AoR Asia & ICVA – 29th July at 4:30pm NZT) Following the 1st GBV orientation session on 24th June, the next learning session is focusing on the work of NGOs. Some of the useful resources mentioned during the 1st session are also attached. The link above will take you to the Microsoft Teams check-in which this meeting is to take place, the objectives of which are as follows:

  • To be informed about relevant elements of the IASC GBV Guidelines on GBV risk mitigation,
  • To learn about good practices on GBV risk mitigation from various clusters/sectors, and
  • To understand accountability measures to track progress of GBV risk mitigation measure.

More information on the seminars available here

Access the meeting via Microsoft Team here