IDYP: Exploration of the Sector

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The Development Sector is an expansive and multifaceted one. With jobs and roles spanning the globe and development impact needing to be continuously designed, communicated and measured, there is a world of opportunities and skillsets that can be explored within what we call the development sector.

‘Exploration of the Sector’ is a digital event that will showcase and explore a number of different roles within the sector through the insights of current development professionals. This session will showcase Marketing/Communications, Programmes, Agriculture, and Leadership specialists who will each present their pathway into development, their particular role and responsibilities within the development world and how you may begin to develop their particular skillset.

This event will aid in beginning to answer questions of ‘where do I fit in the Development Sector?’ if you are new or attempting to break into the sector or provide valuable insights to those who are wanting to grow and develop in their roles.

Please register here in advance, and IDYP will send you the link the day of.


Registration is limited to 30 people, so don't miss out!