IDYP: World Café "Does ethical consumption really have an impact on international development?"

Location: Sustainable Coastlines, Flagship, 55 Madden St, Auckland CBD

CID Members are invited to World Café on the topic of, "Does ethical consumption really have an impact on international development? hosted by International Development Young Professionals NZ (IDYP) and supported by Sustainable Coastlines. 

The event start with some time where you will get to network with professionals in international development. Following the networking portion, there will be an interactive session that will enable the community to discuss creative ideas, new approaches, and next steps for ethical consumption in international development.

The World Café involves participants breaking into groups of around five people to engage in three 15 minute rounds of discussion. Each round of discussion is guided by key questions. At the end of each round, participants will move to different tables and tackle related questions. At the end of three rounds, together, the learning, ideas, and recommendations emerging from the conversations will be harvested. Key messages from the discussions are also reflected visually using graphic recording and will be posted on the IDYP website.

For more information and to register, click here.