CID Talk: Gender Action Plan

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Location: Online (Zoom)

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Of all the human rights under threat, women’s rights are the most urgent. There is compelling evidence of high rates of violence against women, especially in the Pacific and in Aotearoa New Zealand.

In the Pacific, we know of low rates of women’s representation in decision-making, high rates of women’s unpaid care work, and high rates of fertility poorly matched with low levels of available contraception.

15,000 people die every day worldwide from Covid, but we cannot forget that over 800 women are dying each day from complications in pregnancy and childbirth which are totally preventable. For every maternal death there are 20 women who become seriously ill as a result of infection or having no qualified birth attendant.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs set a goal in its strategic intentions to develop a gender action plan as a priority deliverable by 2021.

Tara D’Sousa will present the purpose, overarching goal, structure and content of the plan. This will be followed by kōrero a pātai among participants.