Viral Conflict: COVID-19 during war and instability

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CID Members are invited to attend the Centre For Humanitarian Leadership's online forum exploring the current and potential impacts of COVID-19 in conflict zones.

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The UN Security Council passed the unanimous resolution demanding the “immediate cessation of hostilities” in conflict zones around the world in response to COVID-19 and its threat to international peace and security. As international aid workers, journalists and diplomats are returning to their home countries, what will happen to the people left behind?

With the disruption of humanitarian supply chains and the distraction away from peace negotiations, civilians caught in the midst of armed conflict, and refugees and displaced people fleeing violence will bear the brunt of the pandemic.

This is the final online forum of the  No Safe Space: Crisis response in COVID-19  four-part series co-presented by the Centre for Humanitarian Leadership,  Australian Council for International Development (ACFID) and  Humanitarian Advisory Group (HAG).

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