CID members are required to complete the Code of Conduct Compliance Self-Assessment (CSA) every three years.

The CSA is a true self-assessment and tracks the Code Principles and Obligations, allowing signatory organisations to assess their own compliance as Compliant, Partly Compliant, Non-Compliant or Not Applicable - and provide the relevant supporting explanation to describe the way in which the state of compliance is achieved.

There are a few mandatory principles in the Code of Conduct:

B.1.5 Non-development activity

B.2.3 Control of funds and resources

B.3.4 Protection of children

B.5 Emergency management (if undertaken)

D.6 Complaints-handling

Many of the other principles and obligations are progressive, meaning that organisations can indicate they are progressing in implementing the obligations in order to reach full compliance over time.


Please click here to download Compliance Self-Assessment (CSA) form.

You can find information on the Compliance Self-Assessment (CSA) process and instructions on how to fill out the form in our CID Code at a Glance information sheet.

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