C. Public engagement

Critical to the success of aid and development organisations is the quality of their engagement and level of support from the public. Fundraising and reporting are frequently done together and so this Accountability includes Principles that cover transparency and integrity in communication, fundraising and reporting to stakeholders.

C.1 Integrity in marketing and reporting

C.1.1 Transparency

C.1.2 Reflecting values

C.1.3 Portrayal of local people

C.2 Annual reporting

C.2.1 Transparency

C.2.2 Financial statements

C.2.3 Access to full financial reports

C.3 Fundraising

C.3.1 Legal obligations and ethical principles

C.3.2 Truthfulness

C.3.3. Responsibility

C.3.4 Protection for donors

C.3.5 Acceptance of donations

C.3.6 Application of donated funds

C.3.7 Disclosure of fundraising and administration costs

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