PIANGO & CID: Localisation Workshop - How will it change the way we work?

30 May 9:00am - 31 May 4:00pm
Auckland and Wellington

Building on former workshops, we will take a practical look at how localisation can work well (or not) on the ground, and how it is changing the way we work.

This workshop will provide a forum to:

Share the latest research and experiences
Define localisation
Explore real-life development and humanitarian examples, and identify what works and what doesn't
Deal openly with challenges – is localisation a threat to our funding? 
Look at how to manage risk
Identify how far along we are on the journey and what¹s been done to date
Define what needs to change
Look at how to measure localisation – how do we know we’re doing it?
Provide you with background materials, online resources, tools, policy templates and more

Proposed Outcome
Agree a shared understanding of localisation, and what works, what doesn’t
Propose a Roadmap for change - identify what a localised system could look like if we completely overhauled the way we work
Identify key actions and responsible actors for making change
Identify ways to manage risk and accountability, and to monitor localisation


Selina Kuruleca, facilitator

Selina works as a consultant with PIANGO (Pacific Islands Association of NGOs). She has been facilitating localisation workshops across the Pacific and has hosted workshops for many organisations including the WHO, the World Bank, UNFPA, Red Cross, and many NGOs, corporate and government departments.

She has a background in conflict mediation and resolution, in post-emergency psychological services, in mental health and in localisation.


30 May: Auckland

31 May: Wellington

Register here.