CID Talk: Social enterprises in not-for-profits

5 June 12:30pm - 1:30pm
CID Office, Level 4/26 Brandon St, Wellington, 6011

Come hear Tricia Fitzgerald talking about the emergence of social enterprise within not-for-profits.

With restrictive or uncertain income available from the government and the public, many not-for-profits seek to develop social enterprises with commercial revenue streams, as a means to increase their financial autonomy and sustainability. Much remains to be learned about how social enterprises might be successfully generated within this context, however, as the disruptive challenges of bringing innovative commercial processes into not-for-profits are often underestimated. This research explored how not-for-profit organisations develop social enterprises. More specifically, it asked how do not-for-profits introduce and accommodate a business model with commercial logics within a social organisation, what are the most significant changes they make to accommodate a commercial business model and how might the not-for-profits configure themselves when introducing a commercial business model?

The presentation will include a discussion on why it is important for not-for-profits to consider the development of social enterprises, why it’s hard to establish them and, in particular, what are the different ‘logics’ or ways of working between social and commercial organisations. Structural options for a social enterprise within a not-for-profit are also provided to help manage these differences.  A model is also provided to inform key decisions for not-for-profits when developing a social enterprise.

Tricia Fitzgerald has many years of experience working in and with not-for-profits, in management, governance and as a consultant. She is currently the Executive Director of Social Enterprise Auckland and the founder of Fitzgerald & Associates, a consultancy that helps not-for-profits create social and environmental benefits sustainably.