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Earth's generation next will be wealthier, but not always healthier

Posted by CID sourced from The Conversation on 1 July 2014

Our Tropical Future: A new report on the State of the Tropics has revealed rapid changes in human and environmental health in the Earth’s tropical regions.

Blog: The fault with football

Posted by CID sourced from Warscapes on 1 July 2014

As tension at the World Cup increases a parallel tension is coming from civil society who are questioning events of this scale, the structure of the organisation committee, changes to domestic legislation and the redistribution of revenue generated.

Open defecation and the grim health toll of being one of the world's many destitute

Posted by CID sourced from The Conversation on 1 July 2014

Any analysis worth its salt of what it means to be poor will include indicators explicitly linked to health – nutrition, for example, or mortality rates. But in reality, the many different aspects of poverty are inextricably intertwined.

Latest World Development Report

Posted by CID sourced from The World Bank on 1 July 2014

The focus of the 2014 World Development Report is on risk and opportunity. A comprehensive variety of resources are available.

Seven ways to assist health research in developing nations

Posted by CID sourced from Sci Dev Net on 30 June 2014

A new guide lists a set of core principles for strengthening research capacity in low- and middle-income countries.

Liberia's poor and the rising sea

Posted by CID sourced from IPS on 30 June 2014

This story looks at the effects of continuous environmental degradation on local residents of West Point, Liberia.

Cambodia: Thailand worker exodus tops 250,000

Posted by CID sourced from Aljazeera on 30 June 2014

Cambodia has accused Thailand's new military rulers of fomenting an exodus of migrant workers.

Jamaica's murder rate tumbles but decrepit morgues stymie convictions

Posted by CID sourced from The Guardian on 30 June 2014

Caribbean island has improved forensic investigations but failed to build modern public morgue for victims of violent deaths.

Opinion: It’s a ‘Hela’va’ time in PNG

Posted by CID sourced from DevPolicy Blog on 30 June 2014

Last week was one of political upheaval in Papua New Guinea with confusion and news about the possibility of PNG Prime Minister Peter O’Neill being arrested, and his response in abolishing Taskforce Sweep, suspending senior police officials and reshuffling his cabinet. Michelle Nayahamui Rooney looks at, what is being called, PNG's Game of Thrones.

Podcast: Policy and attitudes hampering fight against HIV and aids amongst sex workers in Kenya

Posted by CID sourced from IPS on 30 June 2014

In this report from Nairobi, Mary Itumbi says attitudes towards sex workers and policies that criminalize sex work are largely to blame for the fact that HIV infection rates remain high.

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