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UNGA General Debate 2014 continues focus on MDGs, post-2015 agenda, SIDS

Posted by CID sourced from iisd on 1 October 2014

The second week of the UNGA brings further discussions on country progress on the MDGs and where their priorities lie in the post-2015 discussions. priorities such as, gender equality, women's empowerment, peace and security, oceans and SIDS, and countries graduating from least developing country status.

Funding opportunities for development research link-ups

Posted by CID sourced from on 30 September 2014

Hear in this interview with Rachel Parker how the PEER programme works and why two of the projects are Parker’s personal favourites.

Unilever and RAFI collaborate to advance corporate reporting on human rights

Posted by CID sourced from Ethical Corporation on 30 September 2014

Unilever and Shift announce a collaboration in support of the Human Rights Reporting and Assurance Frameworks Initiative (RAFI).

Small Island Nations sound climate alarm at UN

Posted by CID sourced from Scoop on 30 September 2014

Faced with existential climate threat, Pacific leaders reaffirmed their commitment to the fight against climate change.

Delivering the post-2015 development agenda at the UNGA

Posted by CID sourced from World We Want on 30 September 2014

"The main message of the dialogues and of this report is that, irrespective of income status or region, the implementation of the new agenda will depend on actions taken at national and local levels. It is there that attention will need to be focused and investments made, if we are to make the transformative shifts which advancing human and sustainable development requires."

32 Responsive email templates for your small business

Posted by CID sourced from Mashable on 30 September 2014

More people are using mobile devices to open emails and browse the internet, therefore, small businesses need to ensure their websites are mobile friendly. This article has put together a list of 32 of the best responsive email templates for small businesses, such as NGOs.

Ban Ki-moon assures Pacific Islands Forum Leaders a SIDS emphasis for the UN

Posted by CID sourced from PIF Secretariat on 30 September 2014

Ban Ki-moon assures Pacific leaders that they are still high on the agenda following the SIDS conference earlier this year by noting that “The SIDS Accelerated Modalities of Action (Samoa Pathway) should be high on the agenda of the General Assembly, ECOSOC and the High-Level Political Forum. UN regional commissions are fully engaged in carrying out its provisions.”

Closing the Gap for Post-2015: New Ambition for Acute Malnutrition

Posted by CID sourced from Huffington Post on 30 September 2014

Nutrition is both a maker and marker of development. Yet, undernutrition continues to hamper the ability of children to live happy, healthy lives and reach their full potential.

Alicia Keys puts her money where her hashtag is

Posted by CID sourced from Washington Post on 30 September 2014

Feeling overwhelmed by the masses of social media activism projects, Alicia Keys has made efforts to go further than simply posting and hastagging and providing funding to important organisations through #WeAreHere

Blog: Security of Aid Workers: What about National Staff?

Posted by CID sourced from Aid Leap on 29 September 2014

Humanitarian aid work has never been more dangerous. A record number of aid workers were attacked and killed last year. But is enough being done to protect national staff?

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