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Cyclone Gita hits Pacific – Cash is the best way to help

February 14, 2018. New Zealanders wanting to support the people of Tonga as they being to rebuild after the damage of Cyclone Gita can get in touch with any of the New Zealand international charities listed below, says CID’s Humanitarian Coordinator, Nik Rilkoff.

“Our NGOs are working alongside local organisations right now to assess what is most urgently needed.”

“It’s more effective to send cash right now. People on the ground know what is needed and can quickly get support to those affected. The urge may be to donate food or clothing, but please don’t. Sixty percent of un-requested goods sent in emergencies are not needed, clogging up the ports and airports at a time when essential things are bring shipped - immediately after a disaster. And these goods end up sitting in containers on wharves long after the disaster recovery phase is over. That gets expensive for local governments in the long term.”

The scale of the damage from the Category Four cyclone in Tonga is extensive, many homes are destroyed, many roofs have been ripped off and there is a lot of damage from the wind and the water.

The short term needs are access to clean water, food and shelter. In the longer term, local people will need financial support to rebuild their livelihoods, get schools up and running and make their homes live-able again.

To donate to organisations responding to Cyclone Gita now, please follow the links below:

Adventist Development Relief Organisation (ADRA) New Zealand

Caritas Aotearoa New Zealand

Christian World Service

Habitat for Humanity Emergency Disaster Appeal for Cyclone Gita

Rotary New Zealand

Tearfund New Zealand Cyclone Gita Appeal

Volunteer Service Abroad (VSA)



Oxfam New Zealand is also supporting emergency response in the Pacific.