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Bad charity awards highlight the worst cases of Western stereotyping

Posted by CID sourced from This is Africa on 17 December 2014

Charities are notorious for using damaging stereotypes in their advertising, but which ads deserve special mention for really standing out from the pack in their use of stereotypes? The winner of the Rusty Radiator Awards have been announced for 2014.

Indonesia lax when illegal loggers clear forests for palm plantations

Posted by CID sourced from Thomson Reuters Foundation on 17 December 2014

A drop in world palm oil prices is not expected to slow illegal logging in Indonesia's rainforests as companies continue to expand plantations, according to a new report.

Timor-Leste's judicial lurch could worsen domestic violence trauma

Posted by CID sourced from IRIN on 17 December 2014

imor-Leste's efforts to reduce the prevalence of domestic gender-based violence through criminalization and prosecution, already hampered by a general lack of trust in the formal court system, have suffered a fresh setback with the enforced departure of 11 foreign judicial staff who had played a key role in delivering justice in rural areas.

Foreign aid budget plunges to lowest level in Australian history

Posted by CID sourced from The Age on 17 December 2014

With the announcement of the recent budget total cuts to Australia's aid budget will be almost $11 billion. What does this mean for the development industry?

High heels and hijabs: an Islamic answer to beauty pageants

Posted by CID sourced from Al Jazeera on 16 December 2014

Instead of bikini parades and talent quests, Miss Muslimah contestants take part in recitals from the Koran, Islamic shopping challenges and debates about whether nail polish is haram, or forbidden under Islamic law. At a time when brutalities inflicted by the Islamic State (IS) dominate global headlines, the Muslimah award organizers hope the event can provide an opportunity for positive stories about Islam.

Dengue fever vaccine on the cards after novel antibody discovery

Posted by CID sourced from the Guardian on 16 December 2014

Cases of dengue fever have soared in the past 50 years to nearly 100 million a year and about 2.5 billion people – more than a third of the world’s population – live in areas where dengue infection is a risk. A new class of antibody found in the blood of patients with dengue fever has boosted hopes for a vaccine against the virus, which debilitates millions and kills tens of thousands each year.

Developing nations losing record $1 trillion a year in dirty money-report

Posted by CID sourced from Thomson Reuters Foundation on 16 December 2014

Crime and corruption are draining a record $1 trillion a year from poor and middle-income nations with the disappearance of dirty money hitting some of the world's poorest regions hardest, a new report shows. It calls on the United Nations to next year include a target to halve all trade-related illicit flows by 2030 as it negotiates a new set of global goals, the Sustainable Development Goals.

Climate stormclouds may head to Paris

Posted by CID sourced from the Age on 15 December 2014

Climate change talks in Lima have pulled back from the brink of disaster but the prospect of a future global climate change deal in Paris next year is now under a cloud.

The need for smarter, better targetted climate finance

Posted by CID sourced from SciDev Net on 15 December 2014

The need for funding to help developing countries adapt to climate change is growing as global temperatures continue to rise. But the cost of this adaptation also appears higher than before: a study published last week says that it may be up to three times higher than previously thought.

Concerns over Chinese extradition treaty

Posted by CID sourced from the Dominion and RNZ on 15 December 2014

China's crack down on allegedly corrupt officials who have fled overseas continues - with a direct request for an extradition treaty with New Zealand. Listen to comments from Amnesty International NZ's Executive Director Grant Bayldon.

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