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Political parties pledge to increase overseas aid

Posted by CID on 21 August 2014

In a press release from CID, a survey of political parties looking at how much New Zealand should spend on Official Development Assistance (ODA) shows the overwhelming majority of parties are committed to raising the bar.

Indian hunger striker Irom Sharmila freed after suicide charges dropped

Posted by CID sourced from the Guardian on 21 August 2014

Maternal mortality? It’s just poor African and Asian women dying

Posted by CID sourced from The Guardian on 21 August 2014

With 500 days until the millennium development goals expire, targets on maternal and reproductive health will not be met. Women in poorer countries are 14 times more likely to die in pregnancy or childbirth than women in wealthier countries. There are fears that the SDG related maternal health goal will be one of those that are left to end because not everyone is going to agree on what should be included.

Tackling climate change as a single SDG could backfire

Posted by CID sourced from SciDevNet on 21 August 2014

Climate change is a major challenge — and it sits among many other major challenges targeted by the post-2015 development goals. Ilan Kelman argues the best way to deal with climate change is by integrating it into other development goals.

Caritas among first responders offering relief to Iraqi families

Posted by CID sourced from Caritas on 20 August 2014

Caritas Aotearoa New Zealand - Media Release.

Research is ‘no panacea’ for development, finds DFID

Posted by CID sourced from SciDev on 19 August 2014

Evidence has failed to support assumptions that research drives change. This report however, emphasises the use of research and the use of the knowledge, in order to improve the skill base for development.

CWS launches appeal for Iraqis on World Humanitarian Day

Posted by CID sourced from CWS on 19 August 2014

Christian World Service is appealing for help for tens of thousands of Iraqis caught up in one of the world’s horrifying conflicts.

Top Methods that Encourage Charity Giving: Research Findings

Posted by CID sourced from Pro Bono Australia on 19 August 2014

Online, television and street collectors are the most effective ways of encouraging donations for not-for-profits. Research shows the neccessity to be user-centric in order to raise more funds is highly beneficial.

Fed on food aid: does emergency nutrition cripple local economies?

Posted by CID sourced from The Guardian on 19 August 2014

After recent controversies in Haiti, do humanitarian organisations have a duty to address food security and livelihoods? Should they take food donations over supporting local industry and promoting food security?

Kiwis applauded for their generosity on World Humanitarian Day

Posted by NDRF press release on 19 August 2014

NZ NGOs celebrate World Humanitarian Day and thank New Zealanders for their generous support.

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