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We interrupt this lovefest for Lee Kwan Yew with this important message

Posted by CID on 27 March 2015

Following former Prime Minister of Singapore Lee Kwan Yew's recent passing, commentators have been celebrating his political and economic achievements. In this blog post, Associate Professor of Columbia University Chris Blattman throws some cold water on the adulations of Singapore's supposedly miraculous economic model.

TPP leak confirms foreign investors could sue governments

Posted by CID sourced from Scoop on 27 March 2015

A secret "Investment Chapter" from the closed-doors Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations released this week by Wikileaks confirms that foreign investors could sue governments over policy decisions regarding pharmaceuticals, medical care and food regulation if a change in law or policy can be argued to harm their investment.

Global citizenship essential for gender equality: Ambassador Chowdhury

Posted by CID sourced from IPS on 27 March 2015

During the recent U.N. Commission on the Status of Women, Former President of the United Nations Security Council Anwarul Chowdhury stressed the importance of the idea of global citizenship in fighting for gender equality worldwide: “Global citizenship is believing in the ‘oneness’ of humanity, that we are all connected and interconnected, all interdependent ... Humanity cannot make progress without all of us feeling that way."

Infographic: 10 traits that make nonprofits great

Posted by CID sourced from PND on 27 March 2015

Check out this infographic from the Horatio Alger Association for some useful ideas for how to run a successful NGO. Some points, while essential, are not broudbreaking - e.g. #8 "Plan for the future" or #10 "Commit to excellence" - but others offer important and less obvious insights, particularly points #4, #6 and #9.

Pacific Islanders say climate finance "essential" for Paris Agreement

Posted by CID sourced from Truthout on 26 March 2015

As some of the most vulnerable nations to the impacts of climate change, Pacific Islands leaders have argued for a renewed emphasis upon climate finance in the upcoming UN Climate Change Conference in Paris later this year. They argue that greater commitments from bilateral donors to climate finance mechanisms like the Green Climate Fund are needed.

Indonesia defends deforestation for palm oil on economic grounds

Posted by CID sourced from Thomson Reuters Foundation on 26 March 2015

Indonesian officials defend increasing rates of deforestation, despite its contribution to climate change, arguing that the palm oil industry is integral to the development of the country and lowering poverty rates.

Quaker letter to John Key on climate change commitments

Posted by CID sourced from Scoop on 26 March 2015

The Religious Society of Friends is urging John Key, Tim Groser and Simon Bridges to assure the New Zealand government steps up on its international commitments mitigating the effects of climate change as part of the UNFCCC.

MSF: Ebola crisis exposed failures of the aid system

Posted by CID sourced from The Guardian on 25 March 2015

Médicins Sans Frontières has released a highly critical report of the WHO for failing to provide a robust response the Ebola outbreak. The report argues that flexibility and agility for a fast, hands-on emergency response still does not sufficiently exist in the global health and aid systems.

Religion and post-conflict statebuilding

Posted by CID sourced from DevPolicy Blog on 24 March 2015

Dr Denis Dragovic argues that we must recognise the important role of religion in post-conflict statebuilding and development efforts, and reminds us that it is sometimes important to step out of the predominantly secular worldview of the Western development community in order to learn how best engage with religious communities.

Financing education for all

Posted by CID sourced from Project Syndicate on 24 March 2015

Jeffrey Sachs explains why we urgently need to establish a global fund to ensure access to secondary school for even the world's poorest children.

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