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Opinion: What’s so bad about development?

Posted by CID sourced from The Guardian on 2 September 2014

Third world or global south? Pro-poor or pro-wealth? The term ‘development’ is a minefield that eclipses the real issues.

Oxfam briefing paper: A cautionary tale

Posted by CID sourced from Oxfam on 2 September 2014

This Oxfam report touches on the true cost of austerity and inequality in Europe. The fear of income inequality is being addressed through ill-conceived austerity programmes, Oxfam argues that left unchecked, these measures will undermine Europe’s social gains, creating divided countries and a divided continent, and entrenching poverty for a generation.

Opinion: Substance over politics, the Dakar Process

Posted by CID sourced from World Education blog on 2 September 2014

This blog looks back to the World Education Conference in Dakar in 2000 from the perspective of Abhimanyu Singh, Director UNESCO, Beijing. This is the second in a series of blogs taking a retrospective view of the EFA agenda and its implementation.

Measuring women’s empowerment and social transformation in the post-2015 agenda

Posted by CID sourced from ODI on 2 September 2014

Gender gaps still compromise women’s rights and hinder their empowerment take centre stage. The fundamental question underpinning current debates on post-2015 is: how could the MDGs have been more effective in achieving gender equality? ODI have released a document on their research on how to ensure empowerment and social transformation in the post2015 agenda.

Education: What is the smartest Post-2015 target?

Posted by CID sourced from post2015 on 2 September 2014

Here is a look at the latest education targets suggested by the Copenhagen Consensus Centre.

Rotary New Zealand responding to water and sanitation issues in Fiji

Posted by CID sourced from Scoop on 2 September 2014

Press Release from Rotary NZ about their work providing clean access to water for villages in Fiji.

Blog: Myth busting: Aid is...

Posted by CID sourced from Global Citizen on 1 September 2014

An orginal approach by the team at Global Citizen of challenging misconceptions about aid.

Focus on migration: rising migration is a myth

Posted by CID sourced from SciDev on 1 September 2014

New research is challenging the notion that globalisation has boosted international migrant numbers.

Opinion: Building a Sustainable Future – The Compact Between Business and Society

Posted by CID sourced from IPS on 1 September 2014

Can we envision a day when a critical mass of companies is investing in a better world? Where business is delivering value for the long-term – not just financially, but also socially, environmentally and ethically? Over a decade ago, it was hard to imagine, but we can now say with confidence that a global movement is underway.

Rent to own solar systems hope to prevent blackouts in Nepal's hospitals

Posted by CID sourced from the Guardian on 1 September 2014

Every one of Nepal’s 6,000 health centres and clinics has problems with energy supply, a new business model providing rent to own solar systems aims to change that.

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