Julian Doorey

Julian Doorey

Five main areas of knowledge, skills and experience:

1. International development practice: Poverty alleviation, economic development and sustainable livelihoods for the poor and marginalised. Project lifecycle - identification (community consult, baseline surveys), design (activity design, LogFrame planning, SMART / results-based management, budgets), operations, monitoring, evaluation, reporting.

2. Strategic planning: Organisational and institutional capacity building, evaluations, option studies, policies, procedures, MOU’s, operating agreements, health and safety.

3. Research and literature reviews: Policy, programmes and projects, systems and processes, conceptual frameworks, sustainability, faith-based NGOs.

4. Environmental sustainability: Designing for a mix of social, economic and environmental outcomes; triple bottom line reporting; solid waste management - waste minimisation (recycling, composting); residual waste disposal in a humanly safe and environmentally friendly way (landfill).

5. Engineering management: Structural and civil design (previously), management of engineering or technical services and contracts from conception to completion.

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