CID is proud to support our members in their advocacy campaigns, including to increase aid funding, to increase focus on the Syrian refugee crisis, and to donate responsibly after natural disasters.

Donate Responsibly

CID has joined with World Food Programme to encourage the public to donate responsibly after natural disasters to prevent unwanted goods.

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Sign for Freedom

World Vision and Trade Aid are leading an advocacy campaign to pass modern-day slavery legislation in New Zealand, and prevent New Zealand companies from using slavery in their supply chains.

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World Humanitarian Day

August 19th is World Humanitarian Day.  CID is encouraging the public to give generously to humanitarian emergencies around the world

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Big Hearts Connected World

With big hearts and a connected world, we can overcome coronavirus and climate change.  Oxfam is leading a campaign with CID members to increase New Zealand's aid budget to 0.7% GNI

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In 2019, CID members ran a campaign to increase aid funding for the Syrian refugee crisis and remind the world that #NZisWatching.

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