Podcast: Useful Outsiders

Posted on 16 February 2022

About the series


As disruptions like Covid and climate change continue to challenge the way we live, it is clear that maintaining the status quo is not an option. Rising inequality and crises across the world, mean that the work of the humanitarian and international development sector is more important than ever. But old ways of working have been challenged, highlighting the need for more localised leadership and collaboration across sectors.

Through conversations and debates, this podcast series looks at the work of the humanitarian and international development sector and challenges us to consider what it takes to be a truly ‘useful outsider’.

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Useful Outsiders is a podcast series brought to you by the Council of International Development (CID), New Zealand. CID encourages open and honest debate in this series - views expressed do not necessarily represent the views of CID and its membership.

The series is produced by CID's Communications and Administration Advisor Charlotte Smith. Please get in touch if you have any questions, feedback, or ideas for future episodes and speakers.