Conference 2022

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Global strategies vs local realities: how can civil society bridge the gap?

When: 19-20 October 2022 

Where: Online via dedicated conference platform - with in-person session on day two (20 October)

Who? All welcome!


Every year CID holds a conference, supported by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Trade and other partner sponsors. The event brings together our 80+ member organisations, Pacific and global partners, business, government, and academic institutions.

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This year's theme

Global crises like Covid and climate change, highlight our interconnectedness and the importance of global cooperation, but the nuance of local realities determines how successful response efforts are. How can we bridge the gap and truly embed locally-led practice and locally-informed strategies? What are the barriers and where are the opportunities?

This year’s CID Conference will pick up on last year’s theme around localisation and resilience and delve further into locally-led development in action. Through keynote speakers, panels, and workshop sessions, we will explore regional and global challenges, and interrogate how we ensure civil society voice is part of macro-conversations.

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