Our Mission

guardians of professional standards

We are the guardians of professional standards, by promoting learning, innovation, the principles of good development, and shared practice.

CID connects and strengthens a dynamic network of international NGOs and their partners by creating opportunities for organisations to come together for training, debates, analysis and events.

By encouraging collaboration, we increase the ability of development organisations to increase their impact, and build a world free from extreme poverty and injustice.

We do this on behalf of and with the support of our members, and also with support from the government, the New Zealand public and business.

encouraging collaboration

cid united

Today CID represents more than 45 members, ranging from small community-based organisations to large international NGOs, as well as associate members in business, academic institutions, research organisations and social enterprises.

CID is governed by a board made up of member organisations.

We provide platforms and opportunities for our member, their partners and the government to network, collaborate and share ideas.

We also provide surveys, analysis and discussion documents on development and the development New Zealand sector.

platforms and opportunities