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Advocacy Report Sep - Feb 2022

Posted on 18 April 2022

Covid continues to dominate. Disaster strikes in Tonga. Donate Responsibly message.

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This report collates the general advocacy activities of CID Members from the period September 2021 to February 2022. The activities mentioned in this report have been collected via a CID Members survey as well as further desktop research conducted by CID. The activities listed are not extensive and are intended to provide a snapshot of CID Members’ international development work from this period. 

With the volcano eruption and tsunami in Tonga, many of CID’s Members were quick to respond in the form of appeals a nd to provide emergency relief. Information on those appeals was shared in a Tonga Situation Snapshot, as below.

Consistent with previous periods, a distinct thematic focus on Covid campaigns and appeals continues, especially as parts of the Pacific that had previously gone untouched by Covid, started to see outbreaks of Omicron. Covid continues to dominate many long-term campaigns and appeals focusing on emergency relief and vaccine access within CID Members’ work. The crisis in Afghanistan mentioned in the last period continues to get support, as do other particularly vulnerable communities around the world.

CID continues to actively promote the World Food Program (WFP) Donate Responsibly campaign, that runs across the Pacific cyclone season (November – April). This was to address the issue of unsolicited and unneeded goods being sent to the Pacific following an emergency, and to ensure broader and appropriate cultural engagement, specifically with New Zealand’s Pacific communities and churches (as well as the wider New Zealand public).