Afghan women's exclusion from NGOs hindering access to aid

Posted on 21 February 2023

Save the Children have shed light on the devastating impact of Afghanistan’s ban on females working in NGOs.
At the end of last year, the Taliban prohibited women in Afghanistan working in national and international NGOs. This has had severe consequences on the fair distribution of aid. UN Women have recently produced a report
revealing that 93% of Afghanistan organisations which took part in the survey feel the law is inhibiting women’s ability to access humanitarian aid.
Afghanistan is currently suffering a major humanitarian emergency, with 28 million people requiring assistance. "The scale and severity of the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan is like nothing I’ve ever seen before” says David Wright, Save the Children’s Chief Operating Officer.
“The ban on female NGO workers is only driving up the needs of women and children,” states Wright. “This is not the time for the international community, and donor governments in particular, to turn their backs on Afghanistan."


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