Australia's largest charities form coalition to push for foreign aid funds

Posted on 02 August 2022

A coalition of Australia’s largest charities will meet with politicians in Canberra this week, asking for immediate financial aid to stop countries experiencing extreme food crises from falling into famine.
Fight Famine Australia is the brainchild of executive teams from the Australian Centre For International Development (ACFID), Mikah, Plan, and the Ripple Project. Partners already include GMP, Oaktree, Oxfam, Save the Children, UNICEF, Tear Fund, Uniting World, World Vision, World Share, and Caritas.
The coalition is asking for “immediate and urgent” funds of $150 million, as well as $200 million annually over three years. This is to treat what deputy CEO of engagement at Plan International Australia Hayley Cull says are the root issues around food security, to “build a global food security strategy and repair food systems globally”.