Ban on foreign-funding in India

Posted on 18 January 2022

The Indian Government has a list of thousands of NGOs, according to media reports, whose license has not been renewed. Without the license, these organisations can only use donations and contributions from within India.
This affects organisations such as Mother Teresa charity, and Oxfam India. The drying up of funds is expected to have a major impact on the work of both organisations, along with many others whose licenses have also not been renewed. Some donations will continue to come in from Indian philanthropists and local charitable organisations, but it will not cover the gigantic shortfall.
Back in 2018, the licenses of nearly 20,000 NGOs were cancelled. Analysts say the government sees NGOs, which by the very nature of their work speak out on its policies and human rights record, as a source of criticism. The government’s targeting of the human rights organisation Amnesty International last year forced them to close their offices in the country.

Update 18/01/2022:

Days after the Indian government stripped nearly 6,000 NGOs of their permits needed to accept funding from overseas donors, the government restored 74 licenses. Those restored included those of Missionaries of Charity, which was founded by the late Mother Teresa, and the Delhi University, but a majority continue to remain blocked such as Oxfam India, Tuberculosis Association of India, and the Ramakrishna Mission.


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