Big Hearts Connected World

Posted on 10 February 2021

The Collective Resilience Plan is a roadmap for building a strong global community through New Zealand’s overseas aid and climate action.

The Collective Resilience Plan calls for:

·      a 20% boost to the overseas aid budget

o   focusing aid spending on healthcare, social protection and resilience

o   including a budget line for upfront, multi-year humanitarian funding for the world’s worst protracted crises.

·       a doubling of finance for climate action overseas

o   sourced from new and additional funds in order to get us closer to delivering our fair share of support for our Pacific neighbours and other frontline countries tackling climate change, including our Pacific neighbours

o   a commitment for at least 50% to be spent on adaptation measures.

·       a timeline for getting overall international development spending to 0.7% of New Zealand’s gross national income by 2030

To read more about the Big Hearts, Connected World campaign, check out the website.


Big Hearts Connected World