CID Code of Conduct review

Posted on 08 September 2020

Over the last 10 months, the proposed recommendations outlined in the full 2019 Review of the CID Code of Conduct have undergone a review/ approval process by the CID Code of Conduct Committee and the CID Board. The revised and condensed version of these recommendations are outlined below.

The recommendations that were put forward within the 2019 review, were provided to the CID Board, and approved (pending minor edits) on 26th November 2019. These were then provided to the Code of Conduct Committee for further consideration.

On the 11th February 2020 committee had their first opportunity to collectively discuss and provide feedback on the recommendations as outlined and proposed within the Code Review report, as well as the feedback from the CID Board. Pending a single further amendment, the Code Committee revisions were accepted by the CID Board on the 26th February 2020, with this amendment finalised on the 1st September 2020.

As outlined in the CID Code Framework (December 2017) states, in support of transparency and accountability changes in the Code will only be made in consultation with signatory organisations, to be approved at the next AGM (5th November 2020).

Read the full report here