CID Conference 2018

Posted on 05 November 2018


New Zealand

In 2018, CID ran our first Zero Carbon Conference in partnership with Ekos to help reduce the effects of climate change - a massive challenge for the aid and humanitarian sector.

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MC: Josh Thomson - comedian and actor

(7 Days: Live, The Project and Gary of the Pacific)


Winston Peters: Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

What does the Pacific Reset mean for New Zealand's international NGOs?

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Mark Brown: Cook Islands, Deputy Prime Minister

A Pacific Perspective on the Reset

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Question time

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Panel Discussion

Conference Workshops

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Workshop: Setting the framwork for the Code review 2019 (CID)

CIDConference2018 2805

Workshop: Gender Interactive Workshop (Family Planning)

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Workshop: Alternative approaches to development (Oxfam)


Rt Hon. Winston Peters - CID Conference Speech

Honourable Mark Brown: Cook Islands, Deputy Prime Minister - CID Conference 2018 speech

Question time for Deputy PM Winston Peters and Deputy PM Mark Brown

Panel Discussion