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CID Members Advocacy Snapshot: January-April 2020

Posted on 12 May 2020

The January – April 2020 period saw a drastic shift in focus of the advocacy activities of CID members from previous periods, due to the current climate and recent events. This report compiles these activities, with a focus on the thematic distribution.

The most prominent theme of this period was COVID-19 related campaigns, making up almost half of the advocacy campaigns recorder in this report. The scope of advocacy in this thematic area primarily included activities related to awareness-raising in vulnerable communities, namely in the Pacific, and also domestic reform and campaigns in New Zealand providing support to those affected most significantly by the pandemic.

Emergency relief advocacy related to Tropical Cyclone Harold and the Australian Bushfires was also notable during this period, collectively making up 28% of Members’ advocacy activities. A remarkable campaign was the Child-Friendly Spaces campaign conducted by Save The Children, focused on supporting children affected by the Australian bushfires.

The COVID-19 pandemic has seen many Members forced to cancel planned campaigns and advocacy activities and adapt to the new climate, conducting new forms of support from home. Consequently, there has been a drastic shift in Members’ advocacy priorities from previous periods, with less of a focus on climate change advocacy, which was recognised as the prominent theme in the previous Sept-Dec 2019 quarter.

Download the full Advocacy Snapshot here.