CID Talk: Legal Preparedness for Disasters in the Pacific

Posted on 25 May 2021

People don’t often think about disaster and emergency  laws in the middle of an emergency, but they form the invisible foundation of disaster risk management, protecting and preparing communities, establishing systems for coordination, and clarifying who should be doing what by when.  

The need for an effective disaster and emergency legal framework in the Pacific is increasing.

For  over 10 years, Red Cross has been working in support of governments, regional organisations and the wider community to strengthen legal preparedness for disasters in the Pacific.  

In this CID Talk, Pacific Disaster Law experts Gabby Emery and Meiapo Faasau from IFRC share their work with IFRC Disaster Law in the Pacific, and explain the current disaster risk governance trends and opportunities in the region, to ensure that laws and policies better protect and include those most at risk. 

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