CIDx Talk: Bill English: How do you know you're doing good?

Posted on 03 September 2019

Former Prime Minister of New Zealand Sir Bill English addressed a key question for the international development sector; “How do you know you’re doing good?”

In this CIDx talk hosted at Russell McVeagh and livestreamed on the CID Facebook page, Bill and his team at ImpactLab discussed the importance of measuring impact and how to measure it in the context of aid and development. The result is 'GoodMeasure', a data driven tool to measure the impact of social spending, and guide governments and organisations to fund what does the most good. CID extends their gratitude to Bill, Emily and Kylie for a fascinating talk which offered aid and development organisations plenty of food for thought. If you missed it, the livestream can be found on the CID Facebook page. For more information on the fantastic work ImpactLab are doing, a link to their website can be found here.


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