Climate related flooding in the Horn of Africa triggers widespread displacement and destruction

Posted on 08 December 2023

The Horn of Africa is grappling with severe flooding, some of the worst in the region’s history. As of November 29, almost 1.6 million people in Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia had been displaced by the flooding.

The region is experiencing immense and widespread destruction, and Kate Maina–Vorley, CARE International Regional Director for East and Central Africa, says "the needs of the affected communities are overwhelming. With the rains still ongoing, we fear that there will be more devastation.”

“Regions that were struggling to recover from the economic and environmental impacts of prolonged drought are now doubly burdened with flooding", said Ria Jusufbegovic,
 Action Against Hunger’s Country Director for Ethiopia. She also touches on the difficulty for those affected to receive essential support, saying "These intense climate shocks are impacting millions of people, but significant budget cuts from many major donor countries leave us less able to address the crisis.”


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