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COVID-19 CID update March 19

Posted on 19 March 2020


Government’s Recovery package

  •  Here’s a fact sheet on the government’s wage subsidy and leave package.

This indicates that NGOs are eligible to apply for these entitlements on behalf of staff, and even on behalf of contractors, as long as staff are legally employed, and the organisation’s revenue has dropped by 30% or more in the last month (compared with a similar month the year before).

For Leave Payment NGOs are explicitly listed as eligible (see the list on the last page). Advice is to apply as soon as convenient as the timeframe for applications is limited.

On the Wage Subsidy its slightly less clear. Please call 0800 40 80 40 to confirm, but from MFAT’s research and our own, it looks like NGOs should also be eligible for this, if they are registered and locally present in New Zealand, employ staff, pay PAYE etc. MFAT have asked for written confirmation on NGO eligibility, but this may take some time. Assume your organisations is eligible, call to confirm, and get an application in ASAP.

But note that each business can only apply once for the Wage Subsidy, so CID members should be careful when estimating impact and making this claim.

Further information is available here on the COVID-19 employer support page. Click through to the relevant Wage Subsidy and definitions tab.

  • Here’s another link from the government on general tips to get you through COVID-19, with everything from how to stay safe and financial support, to what self-isolation actually means.
  • CID is in touch with MFAT, who have been in contact with MBIE, MSD and Charities Commission to discuss any further support that may be available to INGOs. We’ll keep you posted. Also, do get in touch with MBIE or MSD if you have any specific enquiries on behalf of your organisations. Everyone is affected differently, and your circumstances may vary from others.

Latest information on the impact on developing countries

  • DEVEX is continuing to make its COVID-19 coverage free. Here is the latest:

Iran, NKorea, Syria: How sanctions are hindering coronavirus response 

Conference call: Preparing Africa for a coronavirus spread — the role of NGOs

World Bank and IFC boards approve $14 billion for COVID-19 response, authorizing an additional $2 billion. Here's how the money will be spent.  

  • Massey University’s Dr Regina Scheyvens has written a helpful piece in The Conversation this week on why New Zealand’s border restrictions are so important to protecting the Pacific.

"Health systems in Pacific Island countries are under-resourced and people often live communally, putting them at greater risk of transmission.

Except the Pacific to be severely impacted, even if the impact is delayed, she says: 

"Tourism is also vital to small economies in the Pacific - it delivers between 10% and 70% of GDP in eight South Pacific Island states.”

The UN’s refugee agency, UNHCR, and its migration agency, IOM, said in a joint statement that they are “taking steps to suspend resettlement departures for refugees,” adding that “this is a temporary measure that will be in place for only as long as it remains essential.”


CID events, training and webinars planned 

  • After a couple of weeks to let members pause and re-prioritise, CID will deliver as many events, talks, and trainings online to support you working out of the office, and to keep you connected to the latest on regional and global responses.

There’s no reason why you can’t continue to get the training and workshops you need - online wherever possible.


More information will follow shortly. Let us know if you have any requests for webinars or talks, or links you would like to share with the sector.